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Jaz’N’theViolin Quintet

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Jaz’N’theViolin Quintet at Kay Meek Arts Centre – Oct. 23, 2022


Jazz’N’theViolin is Kit Eakle’s performing group in tribute to ALL jazz violinists, past, present and future.

The violin has been present in jazz and all it’s antecedents from the very beginning. Jazz is a creation of the African American people. And enslaved African Americans were at the very heart of American fiddle playing. Likely spawned from the ‘Riti’ or ‘Goje‘ – or African violin tradition, there can be little doubt that the fretless sounds and the swinging bowed rhythms of the African American fiddlers of the 19th century led to the blues and then jazz. Black Violinists Matter!

The inheritors of that tradition are hereby honoured, by ALL of us in this Swingin’, Boppin’, Jazzin’, Groovin’ group of guys.


February 12 at PYATT HALL, tickets available HERE


Oct 23, 2022 – Kay Meek Arts Centre

July 24, 2022 – Frankie’s Jazz Club

Jaz’N’theViolin Quintet MEMBERS…

Kit Eakle – violin
Tom Arntzen – piano/keyboards/vocals
Daryl Jahnke – guitar

Craig Scott – drums/percussion
Graham Clark – basses

This group is supported in part by the Canada Council for the Arts