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WHAT IS ALL ABOUT? is a website maintained by noted music educator Kit Eakle.
Kit Eakle teaches music at Reed Elementary School in Tiburon, California. He is also the publisher of's MUSICTALES
We are dedicated to promoting music literacy - the ability to read and write music - for all.
To that end
MUSICKIT contains:

For Teachers contains:

Planning Guides and Teaching Strategies - includes general strategies for teaching music in both the regular and music classroom.

Lesson Plans - includes lesson plans for teaching specific music concepts and themes integrating music music in classroom curriculum

Kids story books that include songs or music themes

A list of teachers resources for teaching music

Links useful to specialist AND generalist teachers in planning and implementing a msic program inb the school


For Kids :

We have many fun activities, songs to sing and music listening activities that encourage and prepare children to read and write music.

There are resources and activities that may be used at home or in the classroom.

Activities for Kids includes:

a) songs to sing and games to play, b) book templates for writing music and music books, and

c) listening and other activities to complement our publications, Listen to the Music and our first, exciting MUSICTALE In My Grandmother's Garden which you can ORDER NOW!!!


The MUSICTALES Project is a project dedicated to bringing written music to your child and giving it a prominent place in their world!

MUSICTALES will also be a series of great children's picture books. What makes them different than other such books is that they have written music as a prominent part of their text. The first book to be published in this series, "In My Grandmother's Garden," is NOW AVAILABLE

ORDER this book online NOW! The plan is to publish at least 10 such books over the next year. To view a list of the publishing schedule go here MUSICTALES