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Our Second Graders wrote new verses for this old Folk Song!

Here they are hard at work. See their work below:

Order the book from Amazon or independent bookstores.

Make your own verse for Cumbayah. Just print the pdf file and fill in the blanks!

Here are their verses:
Ms. Kevane Rm 11: Ms. Petty Rm 12: Rm 8 Ms.Carson:
Ms. Quackenbush Rm 14:

Christina, Daniel, Derek, Donovan, Henson, Kate, Kyle, Kylie, Leah, Lena, McLeran, Megan, Nicole, Pat, Rashi, Sean, Savannah,

Write your own verses for Cumbayah . Use this version to make you own 'Tam-ti's or 'Ti tam's (dotted quarter/eighth note figures)