Papa looked up. Michel darted past a guard into his father’s arms.

Ma chér Michel! Take this to Maman,” Papa whispered, stuffing a paper in Michel’s pocket. He pushed Michel away as a soldier hit Papa with his rifle-butt. Michel turned to help. Papa bellowed, “Non, Michel! Vites, á ta Maman!”

Michel ran. He handed Maman Papa’s note and burst into tears. Maman patted his head while she read:

(Put letter in an illustration)

Ma chér, take Michel NOW and go to the woods – find the Mi'kmaq natives. They will care for you 'til I return. DO NOT STAY a moment longer! The soldiers are going to burn our village. They'll send you away too, if you stay.
God be with you. I'll love you always! Kiss Michel for me.

Your Loving Husband,
Charles ”


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