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INTRODUCING A brand new edition of
Listen to the Music
by Kit Eakle

Contains listening activities and descriptions of
More than 50 works
by a wide variety of classical and modern composers.
A GREAT introduction to the world of classical music.

ORDER Listen to the Music online
Download ALL the music from iTunes.

 Composers include:

Bartok, Vivialdi, Mozart, Handel, J. S. Bach, Ravel, Debussy, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Clara Schumann, Ravi Shankar, Duke Ellington, Villa Lobos, Tchaikovsky, Haydn, Benjamin Britten, R. Murray Schafer, Chevalier de St. Georges and more...
The book includes thematic indexes for classroom themes, special holidays and musical concepts to help you plan classroom activities.

The listening selections are now online for your preview at iTunes!
You can also click above to hear a 30 second sample of all selections.

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Below is a preview of the music from iTunes

Music Activities for KIDS!
Here Comes a Bluebird the song and dance - Bluebird info for Bluebird FUN! (and classroom integration) - Great Big House in New Orleans the song and dance - Great Big Musical Matching Game - Hot Cross Buns - Hop Old Squirrel
- Composer of the Month - Past Composers of the Month

Music Activities for CLASSROOM TEACHERS
- How to Use this Virtual Classroom - Music teaching strategies - teaching a song - vocal health - planning for teaching - Lesson Plans

DOWNLOAD needs and NET INFO for using this page:
- QuickTime Musical Instruments info - MacIntosh Midi Users Internet Guide